Who are we ?

Pascale and Pierre, 1 private couple

5 vacation rentals in Chamonix and Cannes directly from the owner

Pascale and Pierre Beaud are the owners. Pascale is the apartment manager. In addition, representatives on site, Sabrina, accompanied by her husband Guillaume, are responsible for your reception and cleaning. In the event of a big problem, I intervene personally, but they themselves manage the small problems very well. All the tenants appreciate the kindness of Sabrina who speaks English or of her colleague Tina of German origin. Sabrina and GuiIlaume are also your contacts throughout your stay in Chamonix. A free arrival 24 hours a day. is possible thanks to key boxes and code doors. We are individuals so we work cheaper without agency commissions, but as professionals. Indeed, we are very reactive and put forward hygiene in particular for the maintenance of household linen. We are all here for the very principle of hospitality in a guest house, namely the pleasure of sharing and receiving.

About us

Pascale, 60 years old, Non-Professional Furnished Rental Company (LMNP), married to Pierre, business manager of an SME. Our common passion, travel, in particular Asia, from the silk road of Xian China, to the border of Afghanistan and the mountains at more than 7300 m. From South Africa to Iran or Siberia and even Ethiopia, always alone with a local agency guide to share as much as possible with the population. We travel a lot and are therefore very tolerant and open to others. Suffering from Parkinson's disease, I started in 2011 in vacation rental a bit by chance to keep an activity. Since then, I have discovered a real passion for renovation and decoration, as well as for human relations in contact with customers from all over the world. In-depth knowledge of management, as well as the practice of English and German allow me to manage all aspects of furnished rentals, from the purchase of apartments, to accounting, as well as the creation of my own chamonix-montblanc-location website! I like to organize, decide, and appreciate the recognition of my work... My main quality: honesty and respect for the given word, my big fault: Too spontaneous!
Propriétaires Locations de Valendrine

My pleasure is to look for the best location, to renovate completely, then to find good quality furniture as if I had to live in the place myself. I love the relationships with people from all countries and I am proud that tenants like my accommodations. My family is from the Arve valley at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif. We live 30 minutes from Chamonix. Le Fettolina in Cannes Palm Beach is our own holiday residence with direct access to the beach. We rent it only to serious people with appreciations who will know how to take care of it like their own accommodation. Le Saint Georges in Cannes La Californie, with a large garden and sea view, is an excellent compromise between villa and apartment for a retreat in the sun. A representative on site, a veritable fairy of the house, will take care of you with all the dedication required and will welcome you in French, English or German. She can do your cleaning during your stay.

Why those rentals ?

I have a dream...

"My dream, to create bridges between the "nomads" of the earth! Passionate about travel, meetings and decoration, I offer you 2 beautiful luxury apartments. Well maintained, they are such that I would like to rent for my own holidays". Have a good stay in Chamonix. "My dream, to create bridges between the "nomads" of the earth! I offer you 2 beautiful luxury apartments. Well maintained, they are such that I would like to rent for my own holidays". Have a nice stay everyone in Chamonix.
Pascale Beaud